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Mold Free Guarantee Tampa Bay Mold RemovalsOur goal is 100% customer satisfaction in regards to our proprietary mold removal process. We are so confident with our Tampa Mold Removal process, that once we have completed a mold remediation project or a mold removal project and a final clearance test is performed we will charge you nothing if we haven’t performed up to your standards! We are an A rated accredited business listed with the Better Business Bureau. In addition to our A rating with the BBB, we also received the Super Service Award from Angie’s list in 2010 and 2011. Only the top 4% of contractor listed with Angies List receive this prestigious award every year. Call a licensed, insured and bonded Tampa Mold Removal company you can trust to ensure your mold remediation project is handled efficiently and accurately from start to finish.

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We have aimed to build a web site full of valuable information in regards to mold testing, mold removal, mold remediation and the possible health effects of Florida Black Mold as well as other mold and mildew species found in and around the Tampa Bay area. The Google Plus icon you see pictured in this paragraph will link you to hundreds of photos and live company updates. We stive to bring you the most original and educational content on the web when it comes to mold removal. Check it out! If you cannot find answers to your questions by the information we have provided on our web site, please feel free to give us a call or contact us through this web site or via email. We are happy to help you solve any Tampa Bay Mold related issue you may have.

You Might Have Mold If:

  • Notice a green film or discoloration your walls
  • You've developed a cough and can't explain why
  • You notice an odor or foul odor when entering your home
If you find mold:

  • Do not attempt to clean the mold yourself
  • Limit your exposure to the mold by leaving the room
  • Call I Destroy Mold:
    1-877-595-6653 immediately
mold health symptoms

  • You experience varying degrees of headaches while you are inside your home
  • You feel achy orfatigued without really exerting yourself.
  • You have sneezing, light congestion, watery eyes, itchy or sore scratchy throat

Tampa Mold Removal

Mold and mildew as well as black mold found in Tampa Bay area homes and businesses must be removed by using special tools and equipment in order to ensure a successful mold remediation project. The first step in any Tampa Bay area mold removal project is to properly identify the source of moisture causing the mold issue and have the moisture Tampa Mold Removalissue corrected. By simply performing a mold removal project and not identifying why the mold or black mold formed a mold colony to begin with is not going to solve your mold and mildew issue on a long term basis. The team at I Destroy Mold utilizes state of the art infrared mold inspection equipment made by FLIR in order to determine not only the source of the moisture problem, but also to get an idea of how far the mold could have traveled inside of walls, in ceilings and under floors.

By using these state of the art infrared camera’s we are able to “see through” walls, ceilings and floors and look for moisture. Remember, without moisture, mold and black mold cannot form and reproduce. With our I Find Leaks division performing thousands of water leak detection services in the Tampa Bay area each and every year and we are confident we can handle the diagnosis of any water leak you have which could be causing your black mold issue. By using technology to locate these water leak source and moisture issues, we do not have to perform any damage to your property to properly perform an assessment prior to the recommendation of any Tampa Mold Remediation project.

Identifying Tampa Bay Area Mold ~ Using Infrared

Identifying Tampa MoldMold that can be visibly seen in your Tampa Bay area home or business is what is defined as a mold colony. Mold colonies are made of millions of very small mold or black mold spores. Think of the mold spore as a very tiny seed, so small that you cannot see it with the naked eye. Just as fruit tree seeds are planted and grow into trees, mold and Florida Black Mold works along the same “principle” if you will. A mold spore is so small that a very powerful microscope must be used in order to see and identify the type of mold spore it is. Different types of mold spores are classified in different categories and the only way to tell which type of mold you have in your Tampa Bay area home or business is to have these mold spores or seeds identified under a microscope by properly trained technicians in order to make a positive mold spore identification. Black mold is commonly found in the Tampa Bay area. This is the most common type of mold found in Florida, and is scientifically known as Stachybotrys.  Our advice after performing numerous jobs and working in this industry would be to use one company for the mold testing and a different company for the remediation.

Tampa Mold Testing & Mold Assessment

Licensed to remove mold in FloridaAs of early 2011 the State of Florida now requires State issued licenses in order to participate in mold remediation services as well as mold assessment services. Think of the term mold remediation as synonymous with mold removal. Also think of the words “mold assessment” as mold inspection. This will make this terminology much easier to understand if you are unfamiliar with the mold remediation or mold assessment terms. We find many companies who hold both a mold assessment (mold inspection) license as well as a mold remediation (mold removal) license. Holding both of these licenses in our opinion is a conflict of interest as if the same company that performs the “inspection” is the same company that performs the mold remediation service, there is not checks and balances for Tampa Bay area residents.

Black mold and mold and mildew tests should be performed by a hygienist who holds a mold assessment license. This way you have one company checking the work of the other company, and it doesn’t cost you a penny extra! Be very leery of a company that is offering to do it all for you. Should an issue come up later; (after work is completed) we have seen numerous Tampa Bay and Clearwater area residents in court trying to figure out how and who they should sue. Unfortunately many of these Tampa Bay Featured In The Cleaner Magazinehomeowners have had to hire our mold remediation services to go in and “clean up” a mess that a previous mold removal contractor did not properly remediate. By having a separate Tampa Mold Removal team and a separate Mold Testing team, the mold testing team’s job is to test the results of the mold remediation project. By using this process, it does not cost any extra money. The end of the day goal is to ensure your Tampa home or business is completely free of mold, giving you had your family the peace of mind you need in order to continue daily life without the worry of Florida Black Mold.

Mold is typically found in high humidity states such as Tampa, Florida

Mold is usually formed in Tampa Bay environments from issues such as water damage, water leaks, or high humidity. Once Tampa Bay building materials get wet or are exposed to humidity over 60% for any length of time, mold will begin to grown and reproduce. Mold spores are in the air all around us and are always looking for a mold prone food source like water and building materials in which to grow and reproduce. Once mold begins to reproduce, they form mold colonies. Mold colonies make up the circles and dark areas seen on Tampa Bay building materials. These mold colonies why are typically black in the Tampa Bay area are commonly called "black mold".

If you suspect mold or black mold and you live in the Tampa Bay area, feel free to give us a call. We are licensed by the State of Florida to perform mold remediation projects. Our typical coverage area for mold removal projects is the entire Tampa Bay area.

Mold Removal Tampa. Offering our Famous Mold Free Guarantee. We can remove all of the mold found in your Tampa home. We are licensed bonded and insured black mold remediators in Tampa, FL.

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